IMG_4013Astrol0gy 4/4/16  

The Moon enters Pisces at 1:46 AM ET. This sparks a period of deep fertilization; truly “be careful what you ask for”.

Even a daydream can overtake you, causing confusion or an inability to focus. It is essential to segment your time.

Only you are the boss of what your brain does when. Definitely make time to meditate, daydream, imagine, but give that time a set beginning and an end.

A well-crafted intention brings tremendous results when put into action in some way. Hurt feelings or ill-expressed anger might manifest by mid-afternoon.

Whether these are yours or someone in your life’s, treat the grievance with respect but do not dwell on it.

Evening brings a desire to escape or deepen into spiritual communion. View artwork, hear music, swim, meditate.

Limit forms of self-medication, since you may need less than you think. Be in an environment where you feel secure and anchored.

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