Jan Vermeer

Jan Vermeer

Astrology 1/14/16 

An early morning message may bring succinct and clear information; how useful this is to you depends on other factors.

If you want to drive the message home or deliver a communication of importance, this morning may work— especially if you cannot wait for when Mercury goes direct. Make sure you’ve delivered it before the void-of-course/VOC* Pisces Moon.

The void-of-course/VOC* Pisces Moon. occurs at 11:31 AM ET, and offers an afternoon for reflection. Make concrete plans in the morning to follow through on an existing project or if possible, have a day of refreshment.

If you had decided against using the morning for a targeted message, you may feel an increasing need to shift that decision as night approaches. If this is the case, consider your options with care.

A Mercury/Jupiter picture in the evening may signify an auspicious message.

Once the Moon enters Aries at 9:48 PM, an energy shift is indicated. This may lead to a surge of action, which benefits from prior planning. Otherwise, impetuousness may lead to misunderstandings.

Keep in mind that Mercury is Retrograde, so fast talk and quick texts or turns may not have the depth required for the desired outcome.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Pisces, creativity may be high, if one is already in the midst of a project. Inspiration is more fluid than electric. Any business meeting is a true waste of time, unless it is solely for creative play. Focus is nonexistent, so people feel unwell when asked to do pay attention. Instead, meditate, reflect and do conscious prayer-work or volunteer activities. More about the Moon VOC

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