stretch-exercises Astrology 1/17/16

The Taurus Moon sails in at 12:48 AM ET, setting up an almost perfect day to rest and enjoy.

The desire to enjoy life’s pleasures is strong, so find time to stretch, taste, enhale deeply and celebrate all of your senses.

Obligations may require you to be a busy bee in the early part of the day, but afternoon begs for “me” time. This doesn’t need to exclude the desires of others, but any repression of one’s needs for another’s is verboten.

Do not hurry. Otherwise, a blow-up can be anticipated. Ideally any confrontation leads to a simple adjustment or compromise.

Mid-afternoon brings blissful moments to meditate, savor nature and/or the beloved. Take as much time as you need for conversation, appreciation and reflection; thoughtful moments result in an evening of absolute enjoyment.

If friction occurs in the later hours, you may be stretching farther than is comfortable; breathe into the discomfort and relax. If you’re not 100% present in the act of the stretch, then you are rushing to resolution. Enjoy the stretch or save it for another day.

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