caillebotte_Astrology 1/20/15

The Gemini Moon sets the mood to discover “what’s new?”

For some this entails action: “places to go, things to do, people to see”. For others, channel-surfing or internet travel beckons.

Whatever the catnip, inspiration hits a high in the morning. The Sun enters Aquarius, to begin the cycle of increased awareness of how creative expansion is inevitably bound to human relations.

The most brilliant or most outrageous idea will go nowhere without a movement to expand its message. A Mercury/Uranus picture in the sky mirrors the challenge that comes when ideas are shared; we seek approval and acknowledgement, but when what’s fresh becomes universally accepted it no longer has its shine.

For instance, a study of the art of the 19th century Paris salons allows us to understand the shock that the Impressionists brought with their work. Yet the Impressionists are today’s old masters, as art that shocks brings social injustice awareness or challenges our perceptions.

Another spin on this can be when a point of view is considered an affront or at radical odds. As a result, arguments may increase, both silly and rebellious— especially with people who have an age or value difference.

The arguments may simply occur in your head, which results in a scattered mind.

If you have different needs tugging at you, make a clear list of tasks in the morning and do not waver. The temptation of distractions may lift by mid-afternoon, although a sense of overwhelm still is possible.

If today is a work day for you, enjoy the ride but hold tight to the reins. For those who get to play and experiment, have fun.

Moderation is key, although may be illusive with so many options.

And yes, the Age of Aquarius is a bit more than a “7th house moon and a Jupiter/Mars alignment” as the lyrics go… but what is life without creative license!

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