virgo moon _rakingAstrology 1/26/16

The Virgo Moon sets the mood for immediate goals; take on tasks that lead to short-term results.

In spite of that, there is the possibility of a larger picture birthed from small acts.

This can occur by meeting responsibilities which lead to good connections and/or greater recognition. If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to connect with, take the initiative. It can be a simple “touch base” but plants a seed for future engagement.

Mid-afternoon begs for spiritual refreshment: meditate, walk in nature, drink some pure water and really savor it.

A lot can be done today, so it’s important to keep hydrated. Those who take care of themselves are the winners this year, so keep to your healthy routine.

If your routine needs some adjusting, this is a perfect time to tweak it. When you start a health, diet, exercise routine and the heavens support it, you have the celestial wind at your back.

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