So we ring in 2012, with all its promise of change and perhaps, the end of time as we know it. We are certainly on the precipice of New Beginnings and irrevocable transition; you don’t have to be an astrologer to be aware of this.

How we deal with the inevitability of the change has everything to do with the evolution of humankind and our long-range survival. Each individual who steps into this time with the goal of having eyes and heart wide open to make the most of it, steps into the desire of making the most for all on the planet.

On January 1, a Mercury/Mars picture early New Year’s Day, suggests the wisdom in staying put. So if you’re not home, be prepared to sleep over or travel with caution and heightened awareness.

On the other hand, be aware that arguments can flare over simple things, so channel the fiery energy in positive ways by writing, enjoying a friendly combat game or making love. Once dawn breaks there is tremendous good will in the air, so go with your instincts when you feel like connecting or doing something nice.

Although with the moon in Aries, it may come more assertively than necessarily graceful, depending on your personality. Accept overtures of kindness in the spirit they were given without judgment as to the delivery.

This is actually a great way to begin 2012, because action is required for many good-will or transition projects. Sitting idly by or wishing things were different has no place with the changes taking fire and crackling.

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