choc strawberryAstrology 2/14/16

Sending you love on Valentine’s Day. The Taurus Moon promises that your ability to appreciate the world around you is available; this is the Universe’s gift to you.

You are unique and your birth was a present. Now here in the present, celebrate the beauty of your existence.

If this note finds you happy, may the happiness expand. If this note finds you troubled, go out into nature. If you live in the city, find a park or a museum— get in touch with your body’s place here on this planet. This experience can be even more pleasant with the right companion.

If you are lonely, find a group to visit: a service, a meditation circle, a musical performance, a yoga class or a meetup gathering. Find what you can handle, even if it’s just a baby step.

Today, there is a well of strength and power at your access, but sometimes we need to get to the quiet place to tap it or remind ourself that we are part of the whole. That’s why for some people it’s important to be in nature, and/or meditate so you can silence the chatter mind and take advantage of the Source.

But if your habit is to be alone, the antidote for you might be the reverse, and contact with kind humans is in order.

Regardless, some friction may rise in the evening. This is fast-moving and more about passion rising to the surface than being suppressed.

If you are the brunt of anger, the less offense taken, the quicker the resolution. If you are the one who blows up, slow down your breath and get control and then analyze why.

It’s usually a deeper reason than what first presents itself. The deeper reason can make the immediate one seem trivial, but with the right conversation you can gain clarity.

Plan a cozy and delicious dinner. The less demands, the more lovely the experience.

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