hairAstrology 2/16

The Gemini Moon supports the easy flow of ideas and concepts.

This is a highly energized day for those who work in communications, education or any industry that hinges on information.

In the morning its important to sift through whatever news/intelligence to discern its veracity; this includes any decisions that about value. For instance, something may be accurate but is it helpful to release it?

Midday brings particular focus to one’s responsibility in the message. You may not to hone or limit certain duties in order to produce the intended results.

Outside authority or editing may be helpful as long as it doesn’t scuttle the venture. There seems no limit to inspiration and potential in the afternoon, yet by evening decisions must be made in order to get the job done.

Venus enters Aquarius at 11:17 PM, beginning a cycle when those attracted to the unusual, innovative or antiquated are very much in their element.

With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius through 2/18, those who engage in community action and/or collaboration can make real headway.

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