100_2061Astrology 2/18/16

The Moon in Cancer tends to open emotional dialogue (or if particularly challenging, overwhelm).

Before you start your day, check your disposition— meditation can be particularly helpful. You might want to write down dream impressions to ponder.

If you are not a regular meditator, give yourself some quiet time to reflect while looking out a window or at something restful. If you’ve created a vision board for the year, gaze at that.

Don’t try to figure out “how”, simply relax into allowing the future to unfold in a way you would like. Once you’ve breakfasted and officially begun your day, take a proactive approach.

This is a period when family/ home issues may be in the forefront and the more directly they are addressed, the better. If work is a “home” for you, then there may be a need to express a plan, vision or strategy; this may take shape over the next 48 hours if its as of yet unclear.

Initiate conversation in a gentle way. Listen. Be prepared to acknowledge the emotional landscape within yourself and those around you.

The evening may intensify any power struggles. Work on understanding what the deeper root of any issue may be.

A sudden revelation or upset may put everything in perspective. Regardless, be prepared to act decisively for what is most important.

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