dandelionAstrology 2/7/16

This is the Dark of Moon period, before tomorrow’s New Moon. More about the Dark of Moon

The moon enters Aquarius at 12:59 AM. Dynamic energy spikes the morning; ideas and offers present themselves.

Conventional wisdom suggests you wait until after the New Moon to act, but this is a good time for movement, if you’ve done your homework. Yes, risk is rewarded in the coming year, but risks that are taken with calculation and support.

A Venus/Mars picture supports attraction and desire; know what you want and allow it to happen. When the “object of desire” presents itself, take action, no matter how subtle.

Send a clear message of what you want, whether directly to a person, via a purchase or (if a big wish) in a pictorial symbol on your desk.

Just do it! This is a perfect evening to compose your New Moon intentions and set the stage for tomorrow’s fresh start.

Slipping wishes under your pillow is another method, as long as you go to sleep with a sense of trust and not a “to do” list in your head.

Tonight is the New Moon Gathering at Wainwright House for those in the Rye area…

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