mirror-effectAstrology 3/10/16

The Aries Moon indicates the potential for power struggles, which may be just between you and the mirror.

Sometimes the demands of what must be done is at odds with an overall sense of unfairness or a desire to break free from the obligation. Resolution is possible; it takes thought and consideration.

You may be caught unaware by an expressed grievance, even your own. For example, when a loved one goes through an illness, the caretaker may not even be aware at how heavy the burden has become. They want to care for the other person, but they hit a point where overwhelm wins.

This realization demands reflection, because without it, eventually there is a break. Another example is a project that seems insurmountable, because of an awful boss or impossible expectations. Yet there is a spark of inspiration available if you seek it.

You might decide to reach for help or solidify an alliance. You might choose to pass certain responsibilities on to someone else and focus on an area that you can realize results.

Your personal experience with this particular emotional landscape may be more subtle, or it may be greater. Then again, you may simply be a peripheral player in the powers at play.

Regardless, the arc of tension mounts throughout the day. Evening brings possibilities. Flexibility enables options.

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