giftAstrology 3/12/16  

Venus enters Pisces, to bring in a period when love can touch us through sound and visuals in a heightened manner. The more open you are to giving and receiving in intangible ways, the greater the rewards.

Today’s Taurus Moon may awaken a longing for spiritual communion, especially in the morning. This can stimulate meditation, prayer, writing and other creative expression.

Good companionship brings insight through communicative exchange. Those willing to go deeply into a project or discussion reap rewards.

This may have to do with finances, powerful alliances or even therapeutic work. In other words, if a discussion needs to happen, this is a good day to do that.

Keep in mind that everyone must be heard. In the same way, physical manipulation can be highly productive when you listen carefully to the body.

This is a wonderful evening to enjoy the beauty of the Earth, the pleasures of civilization and/or the comfort of a good meal shared with those you love.

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