©Cucinell 2015

©Cucinell 2015

Astrology 3/14/16

The Gemini Moon indicates mental gymnastics and a busyness which exhilarates some and drains others.

Confusion may plague the morning, be sure you know what’s expected of you. Listen carefully and parrot back to be clear.

A Mercury/ Saturn picture mid-afternoon demands clarity and you may feel a bit restricted as a result. If one cannot communicate freely, one tends to shut down.

A Venus/Mars picture later in the day adds another layer of complexity to this. Gender differences may exacerbate a lack of easy understanding. This may also indicate sexual tension or a strong division in desire.

It is valuable to be sure that your passion supports what you truly value and conversely, that you value your passion.

As an example, consider someone who is sexually attracted to a person they don’t respect. Even if they are not aware that it matters, it creates a schism in the psyche, because the ideal is to value what you desire.

This is a brief transit, and how personally you feel it depends on your birth horoscope. Nonetheless, possible insight for you or someone in your life is available.

By evening, any dissatisfaction chafes, if it hasn’t already. Look carefully at your commitments and weigh where you get support and where you are on your own. Too many options can drown decision-making and conversation may antagonize more than soothe. It is highly beneficial to still the “worry mind”.

Meditate, stroll through the neighborhood, play with a child. If you write, write without censor. Sometimes it truly is best to give something time and give yourself a break.

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