handshakeAstrology 3/6/16

We are in the Dark of Moon period.

More about the Dark of Moon

The Aquarius Moon opens the doorway for networking. Seek like-minded alliances. This is a fabulous day to be an advocate. Find time to create and play.

Strong bonds can be formed, especially when there is room for individual expression. Collaborative and cooperative ventures glean excellent results.

When the moon is in Aquarius, check in with your highest hopes and wishes. You may be in the process of achieving them. A check in allows you to see where you are and be grateful for what has been accomplished. A check in also allows you to acknowledge those dreams, especially if you’ve put them aside for one reason or another. It’s valuable to keep the embers alive.

A Sun/Pluto picture in the sky suggests that financial or investment advice/research may be beneficial. Secrets may be revealed. Any therapeutic work goes deep.

A handshake and/or agreement may bring good fortune.

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