hot_air_balloonAstrology 4/2/16

Today’s Aquarius Moon supports any grassroots or humanitarian event; by the same token, you may also encounter some “way out” messages.

An overall sense of endless possibilities captures imaginations. No dream is too big, no hope too wide.

Put it out there and watch the balloon take off. You may not know where it lands today, but your intention can seed clouds.

In other words, toss your goals into the stratosphere and eventually you’ll receive the rain that nourishes their growth.

In the short-run, this ca be a high-action day to connect with like-minded people and gain some traction. Be prepared to get into high gear in the morning, because demands are great.

You may be creating the biggest push, but wherever the goals come from, this weekend can see results. Remember to have fun with friends along the way.

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