4/26/2010 When I was a kid I loved to see-saw, although with my brother I was taking a chance. We would develop a great rhythm, sailing up and down and pushing off with zest. Periodically and with control, one of us would float up and the other down so we were both balanced evenly, parallel to the ground.

But every now and then he would stop while I was suspended in the air and look up at me with a devilish grin.

In spite of my pleas, he would hop off and I would crash to the bottom, with clenched teeth and a sensation in my tail-bone that is unforgettable. But my love for the ride was greater than my fear of his ducking out, until we outgrew the sport.

Today may be another push/pull moment (something you may have experienced on and off for awhile). If you know where Virgo/Pisces is in your horoscope, you will know which area of life is a see-saw ride.

This is because from our perspective, Saturn/Uranus are on opposite sides of the planet. This can indicate a dance between “change and fear” or the “rebel/status quo” shuffle.

The Libra moon encourages conversation, which is always a start in breaking up a polarized situation. If you’re looking into the legal and partnership pros and cons, intelligent communication and questioning can get you off the see-saw and into a decision… eventually.

Good decisions will be made through trust and deep spiritual seeking… and I wish you minimal teeth-rattling in the process.

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