7/3/2010 The moon is VOC* from 7:17 am to 9:44 am ET. Once it enters Aries, projects begun have a good chance of coming to auspicious completion.

Although the mood may seem to encourage an individual path, the real victors in today’s endeavors will be those who take the time to work through the hitches they encounter with other people. Don’t be discouraged if you hit a seemingly impossible impasse, it all depends on who you know.

June Afternoon ©Cucinell 2010

This doesn’t mean you have to have friends in high places (except of course, openness to Spirit’s guidance and a respect for your own Higher Self). It you’re sailing along and you hit a daunting cross-current, hold your line and keep steady.

You need to be able to meet the challenge head-on to overcome it. Even if you feel it has overcome you, keep your eye on the high mark.

Even if you have to change your direction, you still may make your ideal. It just may look a bit different than you originally thought.

*Void of Course: the moon will make no other geometric connection to any planet before it moves into the next sign. More about VOC.