8/13/2010 Highly creative day for negotiating or bouncing around concepts.

Friday the 13th-
Uranus lurches back into Pisces, which could be upsetting to air and fire sign people who were enjoying a sense of movement and freedom.

It will stay in Pisces until the end of 2010, so it is time to revisit the upheavals caused by this time. Since Uranus was at this point when the Gulf Oil Deluge began, it is unfortunately likely that it won’t be until this return that the results of this hemorrhage is really defined.

This may mark further probing into the culpability of the disaster, but in the end (because Pisces is always about an end, as it provides the waters for new beginnings) we must look at the true cause.

This is not only about BP of course, but it could be a personal situation you’ll want to look at more closely.