We are in a time of heightened awareness of “dualism”— Us vs Them, Left vs. Right, Anti vs. Pro, Conservative vs. Liberal, Right vs. Wrong…. And on and on…

Yet “dualism” is an illusion. As one deepens into study of astrology, the illusion of dualism dissolves.

In astrology there are 12 signs, which distill down to 6 polarities. An opposite does not exist without the other. The way to a more graceful existence is to soften the edges, dissolve the illusion of separation.

When cells in your body harden, you are more prone to dis-ease. Anger and fear are not emotions for a sustainable diet!

You don’t have to dialog with someone whose point of view strikes you as toxic or divisive. Yet it benefits you to surround that person in love, at least in your head. You may not be able to do this with someone who creates powerful negative feelings in you, so start wherever you can. You might make it abstract when you meditate – surround yourself first in love, feel it in every cell, then send out love to all who need it.

If you’ve ever had to forgive someone, you know that this work can take years depending on the grievance.

When the toxic, angry, hateful energy incites you, then it has activated an energetic similarity. True forgiveness and love begins with Self.

Work the love muscle harder than the hate. Let the Love motivate you to work towards change, whatever that means for you. Rigid ways of being never change through fear. The amygdala (fight or flight) part of the brain is not the seat of spiritual evolution. Recognize its purpose and move beyond the survival instinct.

Start small, dream big. We are on the threshold of profound transformation. What we emphasize dictates what we become.

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