Gal Gadot

Whose afraid of Jupiter in Scorpio?

Jupiter is in a sign for about one Earth year. When I first started writing about what to expect, I received a few wary comments. Jupiter is considered the Great Benefic (bestower of good fortune).

But the sign of Scorpio can spook people. I noticed several colleagues included a caveat about the luck Jupiter reigns down — because of the sting of Scorpio.

I chalked this up to the usual prejudice the sign of Scorpio attracts. Jupiter is still Jupiter, symbolic of expansion and beneficial outcome.

Yes, I’m an optimist, but I am aware that the sign the a planet travels within colors how its effects will manifest. Jupiter represents knowledge and justice. Having an intimate relationship with the sign of Scorpio, I have learned that no matter how painful the path through the Underworld, knowledge is power.

Has Jupiter alone caused the upheaval in the status quo for sexual predators? It’s easy to say in a sound bite, but it’s not the only factor.

Remember, Jupiter plows through Scorpio every 12 years, but never before has it had this triumphant domino effect for the survivors of predators. In 2005 Courtney Love did warn women not to go to a private meeting with Harvey Weinstein, but the powerful protected him and blasted her. That last pass of Jupiter in Scorpio did not have the celestial lineup we now experience.

In the words of one of the world’s most famous Scorpios “it takes a village”. Planets symbolize pieces of the human psyche and experience. To create comprehensive pictures, we weave together the complexity of how they relate.

Jupiter is the planet associated with Sagittarius. Through December 19, 2017, Saturn finishes its last pass in Sagittarius. Now that Jupiter has entered Scorpio, the loudspeaker of justice blares, supported by the maligned free speech media.

Gal Gadot rose to fame and power with the success of Wonder Woman. Even without a birth time for Gadot, we can see that Jupiter at early degree Scorpio triggered her Scorpio Pluto. Gadot will not continue as Wonder Woman if Brett Ratner profits from her films going forward.

This is the ultimate thrust of Pluto. Who wields power and why. 

Women in power who change the status quo, create ultimate transformation. Hollywood, corporate boardrooms, government bodies all face change when women rise up and refuse to do things the old way.

The planet traditionally associated with Scorpio is Mars. Mars symbolizes desire, assertion, aggression and the libido. After Mars races through Libra (sign of diplomacy, partnerships), it will land in Scorpio from December into January 2018, ramping up its tenacious ferocity.

December 19, Saturn enters Capricorn. We will end the year with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto in “yin” signs, earth and water (the “feminine” signs). In May of 2018, Uranus enters Taurus, another earth sign.

The true catalyst to this long-awaited transformation is Pluto in Capricorn, which began in 2008.

Like many astrologers, I have anticipated the upheaval an transformation that is inevitable when the USA experiences its first Pluto return.

The US Pluto in Capricorn reflects the country’s wealth, status and power. In 1776 white male landowners created a country free from royal influence. It now looks that women are “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” as we craft new paradigms. It’s stunning to contemplate, but this time Jupiter brings a responsibility for knowledge that is hard to ignore.

How many families and relationships have seen another side of a woman when she posted #metoo? Even if she didn’t post, conversations have occurred and words spoken that never before seemed appropriate to air.

It is time to shatter the status quo.

More to come…