central park kidsAstrology APRIL 10, 2016

The Gemini Moon skips in at 1:59 AM ET to provide quick-change artistry to this spring weekend.

Any trace of a leisure approach scuttles off, as texts fly and appointments demand conversation and connection. This may be playful or targeted, but the need to connect is strong.

Visiting and errands benefit from high productivity in the early part of the day; opposing forces create stripe and confusion in the later hours. This may be overt or come be self-directed; get straight on what you want to accomplish which requires decisions.

Spread too thin leads to a basket of unfinished tasks and goals.

Avoid important discussions in the evening. It’s better to leave a thought open-ended than to seal the deal without complete information. Play games, keep it light.

Sleep with confidence that your unconscious can work out misgivings and the unknown. Morning brings great clarity.

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