julia-robertsAstrology APRIL 14, 2016

The Leo Moon roars in at 9:53 AM ET; it’s time to shed any misgivings and move forward with grace and assurance, whatever that means for you.

We don’t all have the seeming confidence of Julia Roberts, but if you are aligned with your message, it can flow.

A Mercury/Jupiter picture in the sky provides a platform to deliver a concept. This may come through you or to you, so keep alert to communication in all its forms. It can be traditional, like a correspondence or conversation, or it can be symbolic— a sign that catches your eye, an object in a window, a passerby reminiscent of someone else or an animal messenger.

If you need to make a connection for work or personal reasons, take advantage of the powerful energetic support available today.

Even if you don’t get an immediate response, or the one desired, time is on your side. Confidence and passion are more valuable than a perfectly crafted note.

A light touch, even playful if appropriate creates a convivial bond. Regardless of your work load or challenges, be sure to enjoy yourself at some point, even if you simply watch children play or suspend time through an absorbing film.

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