Spring Stream ©Cucinell 2010

Spring Stream ©Cucinell 2010

Astrology APRIL 15, 2016

The Traditional U.S.A. Tax Day has a playful Leo Moon, so the ideal is to have the tax obligations figured out so that you can enjoy the day.

If you are a late filer, get it out in the early part of the day, because a little communications knot in the late afternoon may indicate long lines and short tempers. This year, you still have until Monday, April 18 so have some fun on the way.

Overall this can be a lively time, with creative potential and lively relationships. If at work, you can benefit from conversations that lead to resolution or new concepts.

Any creative endeavor profits from a willingness to commit on the part of participants and/or the availability of support from a sponsor.

Any activity involving theater or the cultural arts satisfies. Wonderful energy to stimulate romantic encounters and calculated risks.

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