Mars Astrology APRIL 17, 2016 

The Virgo Moon supports the ability to map out the details of any task. If this is easy for you, enjoy.

If plans and behind-the-scene troubleshooting is not your forte, this is a good time to begin (or find a partner to help you). A Mercury/Pluto picture in the sky supports any outreach to probe more deeply and research a project.

The big new is the Mars begins its retrograde journey at 8:14 AM ET. More about Mars Retrograde

Tempers are short midday; be alert on the road or in conversation. Confusion or mixed signals can cause delays.

The best way to avoid snares is to schedule time to meditate, take your time and focus on whatever task is before you.

In spite of the powerful momentum behind the Mars Station, this is a terrific time for therapeutic or creative work and to capture all the details to make a project soar.