Pluto-RMI-StampAstrology APRIL 18, 2016

Pluto goes Retrograde at 3:23 AM ET, which may offer indecipherable dream fragments or a dream that feels BIG. It’s definitely worth the analysis.

Pluto retrograde is an excellent time to evaluate unconscious habits that get you into situations or routines that you’d like to change. Pluto retrograde offers an opportunity to take greater control of your life through the recognition of defensive behaviors and unproductive patterns.

For instance, since the IRS decided to make the USA Tax Day today, those of you filing may decide this is the last down-to-the-wire experience.

Although you won’t solve it all today, why not make a contract with yourself that you intend to meet challenges with growing self-awareness? There may be a call or memory from the past that triggers a theme for the next several months. If you choose to pay attention, you are more apt to use this time well.

In spite of the potential heaviness of Pluto’s turn from our perspective, you may feel optimistic and encounter people with similar enthusiasm for projects and pleasure.

Today’s Virgo Moon encourages the early bird to get the worm. Go over communication with care, especially anything that could excite, anger or disrupt.

Say what you need to say in the least volatile way possible. Get correspondence out before the Moon is void-of-course/ voc* at 8:29 AM ET into tomorrow.

The long void, especially in the sign of Virgo, does seem to highlight the advantage to quiet attention to the routines of life.

A Venus/Saturn picture in the sky suggests success for well-planned and executed projects, especially those involving financial and/or relationship goals. Work with those who match your integrity.

*in Virgo, the void-of-course is great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets. What is something seemingly insignificant that you’d like to make time to do? This may be the perfect time for it. More about the Moon VOC

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