hand-tattooAstrology APRIL 19, 2916

The Moon enters Libra at 7:24 AM ET. Any negotiations, discussions or meetings require deep levels of listening and communication.

A lot happens below the surface and care is advised. Assumptions may lead to eventual disruptions. Persistence reveals information which would otherwise be undisclosed.

The Sun begins its cycle through Taurus as of 11:30 AM. Taurus is an earth sign, which sustains the season of Spring in the northern hemisphere. It supports projects that require persistence to achieve tangible results.

A Venus/Pluto picture in the sky may indicate a magnetic pull towards a taboo. Passions, compulsions and manipulations may present themselves.

If this is familiar energy for you, be on the alert for patterns that trip you up; put emphasis on benefits that result from studied focus and control.

Communication is essential for any agreement broached in the next 36 hours, or an unexpected reaction turns the tables. You may find yourself in research or exploring ideas about art, finances or legal matters.

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