dancepanAstrology APRIL 20, 2016

Often the Libra Moon shines on activities of cultural, relationship, design or legal concerns. Even a seemingly innocuous conversation may suddenly spin in unforeseen directions.

At this time, there is the additional pressure for some, especially those with Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn prevalent in the horoscope.

This pressure comes in the form of power struggles and institutional upheavals. People may not be clear about their real agenda, either intentionally or because they it is unconscious.

If possible, take time to devote to the relationship and explore all possible avenues. This is worth doing regardless of the depth of the relationship.

Regardless, an unexpected revelation or upset may unravel even the best-laid plans. An amicable resolution is the ideal, whatever happens.

Fun night for play and conversation, as long as you are mindful of everyone’s feelings including your own; innate insecurities or old hurts may erupt.

This benefits from adroit attention or may lead to even greater disruptions.

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