marshAstrology: April 5, 2016

If a sense of “should” plagues you, allow yourself a contemplative moment of morning relaxation or meditation.

When you breathe in all the air you need, you do not deprive anyone else of the air they need to breathe. Breath is your ever-present reminder that there is enough for everyone and that imbalance has occurred because some people hold on too tight: to money, beliefs, institutions, fears.

The word “should” creates limitations. It is one thing to take on responsibilities and commitments. It is another thing to heap tasks on to yourself that actually limit your ability to breathe with ease.

If we could all breathe with ease, we would create a different reality for all.

Avoid important appointments today; the moon is void-of-course/VOC* as of 6:33 AM ET— all day.

There is a Sun/Saturn picture around high noon which actually supports the ability to gain clarity about your relationship to an obligation so that you can work with it instead of feeling that it holds you back.

Venus enters Aries, to begin a cycle when love and money may ignite with great spontaneity; whether or not you enjoy this flow depends on your personal horoscope. Nonetheless because of the void*, it might be advisable to let any impulse or insight sit for awhile.

Mercury enters Taurus for its few week stint in the sign that supports chewing on a thought with care. This reinforces the idea to save major decisions for another day.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Pisces, creativity may be high, if one is already in the midst of a project. Inspiration is more fluid than electric. Any business meeting is a true waste of time, unless it is solely for creative play. Focus is nonexistent, so people feel unwell when asked to do pay attention. Instead, meditate, reflect and do conscious prayer-work or volunteer activities. More about the Moon VOC

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