Walden Pond Astrology; APRIL 6, 2016

The Moon enters Aries at 2:46 AM ET.

A Moon/Venus picture in the sky may present a revelation for you, especially in the area of what you value and love most.

Be sure to exercise and release any tension. Desire is powerful which may prohibit easy negotiations.

Yet nothing is impossible with mutual respect. You may experience a quickening, a sense that something is coming— fast. Although this can be exciting, it can also seem a bit out of control.

Power struggles occur which may affect you directly or be apparent on the world stage.

A Sun/Pluto configuration indicates we may witness a declaration of some sort, yet there is even more bubbling under the surface of awareness. The best way to approach the sense of increasing movement is head on.

But this is a day for positioning rather than a forward leap. We are in the Dark of Moon period. More about the Dark of Moon

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