midsummer night dream

A Midsummer Night’s Dream -Edwin Landseer

Astrology AUGUST 14, 2016

The Moon enters Capricorn just after midnight at 12:11 AM ET.

If you are awake in the wee hours, a Venus/Neptune picture may lead to all kinds of romantic or creative tangents.

For artists this may be stimulating and lead to rich explorations. For lovers this may be intoxicating, mysterious and eventually metamorphose into something more substantive or simply dissolve into the dawn. Dreamers may go into a realm of symbols that are hard to decipher or retain.

In daytime, one has more of an ability to harness the dreams, whatever they are and aim towards realization.

Today and tomorrow are extremely powerful for launches, connections or actualization of goals.

However small, do something concrete to acknowledge your intention or plans. Have a conversation with someone who might advise. Draft out some thoughts or steps. Put some money aside for the goal and set up an amount to contribute with regularity.

Whether a simple nod of acknowledgment or an actual performance on stage tonight, whatever action taken expands in time.

There’s a bit of glamour in the air. Wonderful evening to be in good company, watch a film, hear music or the sounds of summer.