wood bridgeAstrology AUGUST 19, 2016

Today’s Pisces Moon invites options, but runs easier when you start with specific plans.

Early risers can take advantage of the mystical well that flows this morning; although always available, today’s fluidity of messages is on hyper-drive.

Meditate, swim, create— allow yourself the present of presence. Do your best to think of nothing but the moment you are in, at least before you start your day.

Smell, touch, taste, see and listen to everything around you as though for the first time.

Once you shift gears into action, keep as much of this present focus as possible. Powerful alliances are possible, but be cautious about how much you promise or take on and record with care everything that is offered to you.

An unpleasant moment in the early evening passes with grace, unless someone is unwilling or unable to allow it to do so.

Whatever you do, invite transcendence and look for the beauty around you.

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