Mary_Cassatt_-_Mother_and_Child_(The_Goodnight_Hug)Astrology AUGUST 25, 2016

Today’s Gemini Moon may trigger the sensation that Mercury is Retrograde (it’s not, but we are in the shadow, when Mercury runs along an orbit that it will soon retrace).

As a result, expect certain snares to occur. Midday there may be confrontations with authority or a stumble with an obligation or expectation.

Early afternoon can bring an argument or frustration.

Confusion can cloud a situation in the mid-afternoon. The best course is to realize that careful inspection and evaluation is the new norm.

It won’t last forever, but for now go over correspondence and you messages with restraint and professionalism. You are missing information at present that will lighten your load one it is discovered.

A night in the neighborhood to check what’s new can invigorate your senses. Observe facade changes, signage and the foliage and flora that surrounds.

When you look at things as though for the first time, your curiosity takes hold.