yes, this is intentional!

yes, this is intentional!

Astrology AUGUST 30, 2016

Mercury goes retrograde at 9:04 AM ET through September 22.

In the sign of Virgo, Mercury Retrograde is even more symbolic of mishaps with details, editing and appointments. This may be especially significant in anything that requires craftsmanship; read directions with care when assembling something. Even a master carpenter can put trim on backwards when distracted.

Over the next few weeks, be especially alert to anything miscommunicated in the medical/health realm or with co-workers. Mercury Retrograde encourages use of intuition and to be very present with a task. Thinking about the past or future is sure to tie a tongue or cause a typo.

Here’s my recent Mercury Retrograde story:

When I post my daily blog, I often indicate upcoming events (like the September 1 Solar Eclipse), but I don’t put in all the details until I post the complete blog for that day.

I happened to mention today’s Mercury Retrograde the other day. Unfortunately, one reader has tried repeatedly to call me to find out the specific time of the retrograde. Yet I am currently in a no-cell-zone.

no-cellWhen Mercury is Retrograde, or about to be — don’t assume. Double-check and follow-up.

1— Unfortunately, she didn’t leave an email (which is how she gets the daily). I can do wifi, when I’m in the right zone.

2— She told me her phone number was not reliably working. So her only way to get the information she sought was to call me intermittently.

3— I can call in for messages if I go to a wifi hot zone but I cannot receive, nor can I make a call.  Of course, my family knows the landline to contact me, but now I realize I need to alert readers/clients when I step off the grid.

By the time I got back to where I am staying with a landline, it was too late to call. I did text, but I don’t know if that was received. So dear reader, I hope you were able to finish your task by 9:04 AM ET today!

But here’s the thing. Scrambling to start, complete or sign something a few moments before the retrograde does not necessarily free you from the lessons.

Sometimes if we look at a chart of a person, business or country and have not looked at the activities in the sky the week before or after, we may miss a critical clue. That’s why astrologers look at what was going on before you were born and afterwords; nothing is stagnant.

If you do really want to be prepared, consider the benefits for subscribers of the monthly Perfect Planner. It’s a great service if you want reliable timing as you map out a month.

party busBack to today’s forecast, in spite of the Mercury Retrograde, the Leo Moon wants to play, create and roar. Find a companion with whom to prowl.

Those with fire and air prevalent in their horoscopes may enjoy a dynamic urge to bring people together for a project, party or cause.

Whether you’re the leader or part of the crowd, make sure the plans can work. Someone has to watch the “how” in order to ensure the party bus arrives on time.

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