Mt._Oakan_from_Akanko_spaAstrology AUGUST 9, 2016

The Moon enters Scorpio just after midnight at 12:51 AM ET. If you’re serious about something you’ve started or want to begin, you can gain great momentum over the next 48 hours.

Whether you start your day with a plan of action or not, good fortune smiles on those with open hearts (and good boundaries!) This may sound like a contradiction, but a secure relationship does require structure.

The big benefits come to those with strong water or earth signs in their birth horoscope, but most of us can get peripheral benefits if open to it.

Enjoy a convivial chat in the morning, which may glean financial insight or strengthen matters of the heart.

There is an ocean of compassion and inspiration available that can be activated or not. Use the evening to dream, imagine and/or meditate.

This is a valuable time to recharge because you’ll get exponential results. So if you’re in sore need of a break by the water, or in a spa or ashram, take it.