christmas nycAstrology: Divination 12/30

Venus enters Sagittarius for her spin through the sign that loves to learn, travel and connect to wide horizons.

Depending on what you love to do, this might heighten your yen for a trip or to take a class. You might want to peruse your local adult ed options and make a selection to stimulate you as you begin the year.

Today’s Virgo Moon symbolizes satisfaction in a routine. You might want to tweak a routine, especially around midday if you notice the results are not what you’d like. It’s worth the adjustment, whether it’s editing a newsletter, or how you hold your leg in a yoga posture.

What you invest your time and energy in today has a longer lasting effect than you may be aware.

Perhaps this is a model on how to always think, but today the impact of your actions really do reverberate. It’s worth the time to do it right.

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