IMG_2952Forecast 10/13 

A Mercury/Saturn picture indicates an increased ability to edit and analyze; this is great for planning and organization, but save proposals for later. This is because the moon is void-of -course/VOC*, most of the day!

Keep a light schedule and finish up any tasks to make way for the new. Plan launches and meetings for tonight or tomorrow, if you are ready for dynamic action.

The Scorpio Moon enters as of 5:38 PM ET. Conversations may become more targeted and as a result, your desire for likeminded company increases.

Finances, mergers, collaborations can thrive when two or more people are on the same page. Don’t hesitate to ask the questions that deepen the connection.

If you are ready to bring in the potential for excellent alliances, the next 24 hours supply the energetic means. This may flow for you, especially if water and earth signs are strong in your horoscope.

Otherwise you may enjoy the benefits from a partner. Think in terms of attracting holistic well-being, then be willing to accept it.

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*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Libra, enjoy a museum, music, dance. It may be lovely to be with someone you love as long as you don’t initiate any major discussions. More about the Moon VOC

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