IMG_2920Forecast 10/16

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:18 AM ET.

A heaviness may dampen enthusiasm, but at the same time, a desire to leave a mark and do the job right pervades any project. This doesn’t have to be daunting, stick with it and you see results.

Be wary of risks that extend too far or require more money than you can easily lose.

Feelings may get hurt or a sense of being left out; recognize this is perspective if you’re the one experiencing it. Perhaps the people you are with are not a good fit or this may be an old habit that you carry.

This can be an opportunity to see the situation as it is. On the other hand, you may be with someone who suffers from this perception.

Either way it can create an evening of fast action coupled with confusion. A Venus/Neptune picture in the sky indicates that what attracts for love, investment or beauty may be deceptive. Have fun but keep alert.

Hold off on investment and be moderate or avoid alcohol and self-medication. Clarity comes with the dawn.

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