bicycleForecast 10/17 

Tempers can be prickly in the morning.

Options percolate but multi-tasking can be hazardous to an even keel. Keep your eyes open, keep calm and get moving.

Both stagnancy or overextension cause friction— balance!

Enjoy physical activity; climb a mountain, bike or run— wherever exuberance takes you.

What inspires you and gives you a sense of purpose? Where do you want to go and how do you want to express yourself?

This can be as varied as kayaking, biking, serving a volunteer commitment, quilting in community or to throw your devotion to a project.

A Mars/Jupiter picture indicates that much can be accomplished today, when passion and service are your guides. In the evening, unwind in the out-of-doors, enjoy food from another culture and expand your mind through a book, film or lively discussion.