Saturday 10/18  One part of you may be hungry for security and the safe choice, the other part longing for change and the new. This is mirrored by the configuration in the sky of Saturn (structure, responsibility) in opposition to Uranus (revolution, inspiration), which will be exact geometrically on U.S. Election Day! (More posts on this to come)

Today you might be feeling that squeeze of opposites and it’s a wonderful opportunity to sit down and write a “pro” and “con” list (about whatever: your vote, your wardrobe, your job, etc). Choices may become crystal clear, but more than likely you’re simply starting to define your options. Put the list somewhere easily available and come back to it Tuesday or Wednesday when your mind may be clearer.

Venus goes into Sagittarius at 2:31 pm EDT, encouraging a walk in the woods, a ride on a bike or horse and at the very least, to get outside! Spiritual insight can come through in the evening and a walking meditation is a great way to invite it in.