Thursday 10/23 You may find yourself distracted in the morning by daydreams or things that seem more compelling than the task at hand. Unless you can incorporate the fanciful thought into something you’re creating, you may struggle with this. It might be best to relax a little and allow your imagination a little space. This can be a more productive time than you think, especially mid-morning to early afternoon. Very good time to finish a deal.

The moon is void-of-course from 1:53-3:40 pm EDT. Take a late lunch break, organize your files, clean, re-finish a piece of furniture or whatever task you’d like to perform that doesn’t have a set goal. Once the moon enters Virgo in the later afternoon, you may notice it feels like time to hunker down to work. Or you might want to head to the gym to work out any lingering fog from the morning and get your blood going.