Halloween Friday 10/31  With a Sagittarian moon, there may be a lot of priests, pirates, martial arts masters and sports heros running around trick or treating. No matter what the costume, this will be a night of boisterous and ribald activity, so if you’d prefer not to be a part of it, keep your lights low.

It may be hard to be very low-key however, because Mars and Uranus symbolize high energy. You will be happiest if you find an outlet. Make time for the pilates class, go dancing or get a DVD with an activity you’ve always wanted to try (maybe fire-walking or skateboarding?)

This is an inspiring time. Listen to conversations, at work, on the street and especially in your head. Scribble down the ones that catch your interest. If you decide to create something, do it. There might be a lot of spur of the moment costumes out tonight.