The Sagittarius moon may increase your desire to get out and explore. For some of you this can be a terrific sales day, for others a day rich in adventure. Read, speak another language, engage in a spirited discussion about religion or law; you don’t have to look for it but the mood may strike you. At the very least, eating dinner from a country other than your own historic origin can stimulate imagination and discussion.

But Mars enters Scorpio and the stakes get a little higher. Desire may increase to sway someone to your way of thinking or you may feel pressure from someone else’s agenda. This isn’t necessarily bad; it simply means a deepening of the intensity for getting results. It can be as simple as a friend being adamant about where s/he’d like to have dinner to someone being insistent about the inevitable outcome of the U.S. financial bailout. If you are feeling swept in the power of the Mar’s desire, ask yourself if this is a direction you want to head in or if you’re feeling lost in the reaction. If the latter is the case, you can use awareness to observe your reaction while also utilizing the Scorpio Mars to get done what you need to do.

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