©Cucinell 2014

©Cucinell 2014

Forecast 10/9

You may awaken with a strong need to do service or fulfill a goal. Unless you have planned something until the nth degree, the energetic support available is about wrapping up, not to launch.

Nonetheless you may feel a fire in your belly or behind your back and an urge to move; still it’s more “hurry up and wait” rather than an immediate take-off.

Mercury starts direct motion at 10:57 AM ET, which indicates further impatience for movement. However, you don’t want anything slapdash to come out now. This is not the time for a nascent idea to enjoy recognition for its brilliance.

On the other hand, if you’ve used the last few weeks for careful assessments and strategy, you may well be ready to court powerful allies.

The afternoon and early evening provides opportunities for profound connections, especially if you’ve done the work required to court the respect you would like.

Early today, outline your evening and tomorrow. Be sure to do this before the Virgo moon goes void-of-course/voc* at 6:12 PM ET.

Choose a project that finishes something up or one that organizes by following a system. Then again, terrific healing can happen when you spend a day in the out-of-doors or do therapeutic work. Enjoy foods that nourish your body this evening and through tomorrow, as well as moderate exercise.

*in Virgo, the void-of-course is great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets. What is something seemingly insignificant that you’d like to make time to do? This may be the perfect time for it. More about the Moon VOC

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