Monday 11/24 The moon changes sign right before 10 am EST and you may notice a definite energetic shift when it does. The signs next to one another on the zodiacal belt are disparate, but perhaps none as much as Libra and Scorpio. If you have a lot of planets in water, you may suddenly feel very at home emotionally. How this plays out will depend on how swimmingly things are going in your life.

If you operate more in the mental realm, you may feel suddenly derailed by someone else’s agenda (although you may be clueless as to whose). Regardless of your sign, the best way to navigate this day is to pay attention to your reactions and try to recognize what seems to be instinctual. It’s important to deal with what is presently going on around you instead of reacting to past experiences.

Great day for research and reflecting; spend some time alone to reflect or meditate.  It’s always good to plan strategies before the New Moon and today’s mulling could be especially rich.