U.S. Election Day 11/4 We are finally at this most anticipated day. Saturn and Uranus are exactly opposed at 8:33 am. Yes, you can expect mishaps at voting booths. Yes, you can expect lines, disruptions, confrontations between the status quo and impulse for change.

This will occur in the election as well as in your everyday life. People will be out in the world, even if they’d rather be in bed (and their moods will reflect this).  Mercury enters Scorpio, so forget about “make nice” conversations. People will cut to the quick or keep their opinions to themselves while they quietly make decisions and vote.

The moon is void of course until 7:01 pm EST! This means it is difficult to create something with lasting impact, effecting the east coast voters more than the west coast. For example, it is advisable to send your tax return during a void of course moon if you don’t want to hear from the IRS.

When the east coast votes today, they may not be the part of the country that turns the tides of the election. But then again, places like Virginia where long lines are expected due to limited booths, may have a swell of late evening votes.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother to vote if you’re on the east coast…. it simply means results will be evident more towards the late evening. Another possibility is there will be east coast recounts which will impact the outcome.

Once the moon enters Aquarius at 7:01 pm EST, the stage is set to receive a clear message for a revolution of the spirit. I have heard a lot of disheartened conversations the last week as people confront sleeping racism among co-workers and friends. Nonetheless, with the Aquarian moon changing the tides late in the day, I would anticipate a strong turnout for Obama.

It seems to me the aspects are strong to push the U.S. into healing its racial wounds. A McCain/Palin win would tip the scales into confrontive dialogue and heat up tensions. With Neptune in Aquarius now direct, it is possible even the racially fearful will vote more on hope.

People who ordinarily don’t vote, will. Expect chaos, expect order control, expect change. And by all means, if you have the right to vote in the U.S., vote to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.