IMG_3233Forecast 11/5 

If the morning presents you with a feeling of lack: lack of support, time or nurturing, remind yourself that this is perception and it will change.

That doesn’t mean to ignore your feelings, but it does mean to address them. Reach out to a loved one or ask for help. It might be time to winnow down some tasks or make your “to do” list less daunting.

Sometimes a morning walk or exercise routine helps refresh the spirit. Of course, meditation is the universal antidote to chase the blues away.

You can turn the feelings around, but keep your feet on the ground, especially late morning when demands can overwhelm. This is the time if you haven’t been able to give yourself a break, that you may simply need to “take five”.

After noon all may seem more right with the world as tasks hum along.

A Jupiter/Uranus picture in the sky early evening suggests that opportunities may come out of the blue and as a result upset more than engage.

Be prepared for sudden distractions and you may be able to act on the one that excites you. Or you may simply file the idea for another day.

Late evening a Sun/Pluto picture below the horizon indicates deep and probing intimacy for those awake and open to the experience.

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