Thursday 12/4 It’s not a luxury to take the time to meditate, organize your desk or linger with a cup of tea this morning. If you take the time to reflect and plan you will fare far better by the end of the day in achieving whatever goal you set out to do. The moon goes into Pisces late morning, and if you haven’t figured out your course of action beforehand, it may not get clearer.

This can be a dynamite day for acting on your intuition, if you trust it. The important thing is to feel in the flow of where things are going. If you’re feeling a momentum, you may want to ride with it. But if you’re feeling tossed about in an undertow, then it might be time to take a breath and figure out who your allies are. 

Allow yourself some time to listen to music, play with color or dance. Be alert if you’re out or driving in the late evening, because some people may be moving faster than they’re thinking.

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