Saturday 12/6 Not everyone is happy when the moon is in Pisces. It can reveal people who get impatient with others, especially when they stare off in space or cheerfully decide to see a movie rather than do bookkeeping.  But even if you’re not one to slow down, today you might find yourself lingering and listening just a little more.

Opportunities may present themselves in the early part of the day, especially if they involve finances and/or a relationship. It’s very important you take the time to ensure all parties are communicating clearly. If there is a matter that requires a harmonious outcome, this is an auspicious day to put it in motion.

If you try to move too fast today, you’re going to get told to slow down. So you might as well enjoy the company of people you like and count your blessings while you’re at it. And if you’re local to Ossining, stop by our Psychic Shakti Fair!