Saturday 1/3  An Aries Moon may stir up a lot of action today. You may be inspired and push forward or you may find yourself  surrounded by a lot of tension. The important thing to remember is to allow release. If things feel too wound up, find an outlet. 

Tempers may flare up later in the day. Keep perspective. Sometimes flare-ups occur when someone simply needs a jump-start.

Venus moves into Pisces for the month, symbolizing a desire to connect through music, the arts, spiritual pursuits and/or partying. If you like to create, paint, dance or move fluidly in yoga or a martial art, you will enjoy any or all of those activities today.

If you prefer to lose yourself in a long drive, find a scenic road and go the distance. Imaginations can be fertile this weekend, so put yourself in the path of a catalyst to trigger it.