Monday 1/5 Jupiter enters Aquarius today, leaving its stint in conservative Capricorn.  Don’t expect a sudden end to financial gloom, but some chinks of light may start to shine through.

Optimism may increase as people step out of their cubicles and network. Of course, some people have been forced out of those cubicles by downsizing and layoffs, but networking is key to widening the net of opportunity.

If you’ve been considering social networking, now’s the time to respond to the requests to join Linked-in, Facebook or whichever group feels like a good fit. If you’re already networking, you’ll do more or change groups. You might troll Meet-up and find like-minded folk. Networking needn’t simply be internet based, but your wealth is in your connections in 2009.

The moon is in Taurus, which indicates a desire to stay where its cozy and warm and not venture too far from the couch. So the impulse to expand may be somewhat mitigated, at least for a couple of days. It may feel more comfortable to cook a nice meal and bounce off ideas with friends; big visions often begin with small conversations.